Speedkar, established in Iran in 2015, is a Thermal Spray and hard facing and cladding Technology specialist in Iran including related technologies such as Laser Cladding, Hard Surfacing, Brazing, Additive Manufacturing, Plasma Arc transfer (PTA).

The products we offer are of state of the art technology and quality to ensure that any industry application, be it aerospace, marine, research, oil and gas, Gas turbine, agricultural etc. is consistently performed to the highest standards. With in-depth expertise and experience, we are also well placed to assist you in selecting the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solution to suit your needs. Underpinning all of these are our strong relationships with leading manufacturers from the Germany, UK, Turkey, and China, etc.

Speedkar also prides itself with its reputation in after-sales service. With a team of specialists with many years of experience, we provide competent and reliable technical support and service.


Speedkar has a team of technical specialists to offer a range of technical support and services. With our extensive experience and technical know-how, we are well placed to provide offer high service performance to address specific customer requirements:

  • System integration and turnkey installation
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • System calibration services
  • Training for system operation
  • Training for spraying techniques
  • Material, coating and system consulting


At Speedkar, we understand that it’s about having the best technology put into the right solution – resulting in greater performance, improved product life, reduced costs, and risk mitigation. With our industry experience and technical knowledge, coupled with the latest technology from our partners around the world, you can partner with us to build a solution for even the most demanding applications.

  • 1. Thermal Spray
  • 2. Hardfacig&Cladding
  • 4. Additive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing

Powders for AM

Surface engineering

Thermal Spray Powders


Brazing rods & pastes

Spare part and equipment

Molds and material


Speedkar supplies Europe and Asian manufacture of materials. Laser Cladding ans PTA systems have been successfully implemented laser clad coatings for a variety of applications e.g. gas turbine rotor coatings, valve ball coatings, internal diameter coatings, etc and mobile on-site laser clad repair coatings.


Additive manufacturing (AM) – otherwise commonly known as 3-D printing – has seen implementation in the manufacturing of niche products and plastic prototypes for engineers and designers. However, it has also now begun to be part of mass production of critical parts for a wider range of applications in areas such as aerospace, automotive and medical. The benefits of AM include:

  • Costs less to manufacturing a part with a complex design
  • Fewer design constraints
  • Changes of design are easy – simply by changing the CAD file
  • Prototypes can be manufactured and used immediately
  • Reduce wastage because only the material that is needed is used

Speedkar provides a range of quality gas-atomized, spherical metal additive manufacturing powders from Germany, USA , Turkey and China to suit your range of applications.